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Did you know that 90% of Google searches are buyers looking for products and services? Those buyers could be looking for you. Google can open your doors to endless possibilities and successes such as:

  • Connecting and engaging with new clients
  • Reconnecting with old ones
  • Creating awareness and interest in your products or services

Google Search Network

Google AdWords is Google's main advertising product. It displays your ads to people looking for the products or services that you are promoting. It has a keywords advertising system in which ads appear as sponsored links. Create ads ---> generates awareness ---> more potential customers --->more sales

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Google Display Network

Google's Display Network enables you to place ads on a variety of niche sites across the Internet, as well as choose any type of vivid and eye-catching ads, text ads, interactive images or videos to promote your product or services.

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Benefits of Google Ads:

Worldwide customer base
Reach new customers anytime, anywhere.

Stay connected to your customers
Constantly remind them of your presence.

Mobile audience
Reach your customers even if they are on the go .

Cost efficient
You only pay for clicks to your ads.

Measurement and analysis
Receive monthly performance reporting.

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At Yellow Media, we believe in Google's philosophy that "clicks are only worthwhile if they generate conversions (Sales /Return on investment)" and conversion-generation is the basis for being an SMB partner.

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